WDF is taking a 6 month break from staging events in Guernsey and Jersey to take time to restructure the organisation before announcing plans for 2018.

If you would like to send us feedback during this time please email michelle@wdforum.org

Mission and Meetings

How will I benefit from coming to WDF?

WDF is much more than just a networking group, although you will get to meet lots of new people. We make networking easy with orchestrated card swaps and a relaxed style. WDF members build a community of business connections who share their experiences and support each other. We aim to inspire women, help build confidence and raise awareness on subjects pertinent to women's careers.   

What's WDF's mission?

The Women’s Development Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to supporting women in the Channel Islands to find greater career success and fulfilment while building strong networks.
We work to raise awareness that gender diversity is not a women’s issue; it is a business imperative. There is a wealth of untapped female potential in the islands, which if released would create more successful businesses and lead to improved economic performance. We are dedicated to greater gender-balanced leadership.

How does WDF do this?

We aim to stimulate change by creating a friendly, fun and inclusive community of women and men of all ages, industries and career stages. Our members network as equals, valuing all voices and sharing experiences, while learning about subjects pertinent to women in the workplace.
Events are free seating at small tables; attendees are encouraged to network on arrival and speak freely during semi-structured table conversations on content from the front-of the room. Events run from 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm, attendees can arrive from 11.50 am onwards with the programme commencing at 12.10 pm. All events finish promptly at 2.00 pm. Attendees will be asked to change tables at least once during the event to maximise networking opportunities.

How many meetings does WDF hold each year?

WDF holds 10 events per annum in Guernsey and currently 6 in Jersey, the number in Jersey may increase as the membership grows. Currently the maximum places available at each event are 100 in Guernsey and 150 in Jersey.

What are the meetings WDF about?

WDF aims to create a varied programme in each island covering topics including gender diversity, personal development, inspirational speakers, politics and general interest topics. We work together with our sponsors to create the programme for each event which may include a speaker from the sponsoring organisation, or other outside speaker/s. Meetings are hosted by Michelle Johansen, Founder of WDF or a WDF Committee Member. Michelle is a professional facilitator and workshop leader and from time-to-time will also be the main speaker at the meeting.

Who should attend WDF meetings?

WDF encourages attendance at our events from people from all levels in the organisation. WDF events are a unique opportunity to sit together with people you may not normally meet. e.g. an IT assistant sitting with a director, an audit senior and a self-employed photographer. We believe each person will have valuable insights to share with the others.  We particularly like to encourage attendance from those who would not normally attend networking events.

Can I claim CPD points for attending?

Most professional organisations will allow you to claim attendance at WDF meetings as CPD, we issue annual certificates of attendance on request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What do you serve at meetings?

WDF offers light lunch refreshments with a shared grazing plate of sandwiches and finger food on each table, which will include some dairy free and vegetarian items. Tea, coffee, fruit and gluten free items will be at the back of the room. WDF is known for putting chocolates on the tables, in the 7 years of operation we estimate around 8,500 have been eaten! 


How does WDF membership work?

Unlike other membership organisations, WDF does not charge an annual membership fee but instead offers for sale in advance, blocks of places at our meetings to both individuals and companies. Places must be used within the membership year which runs from September to July and cannot be carried forward to the following year. Any revenue resulting from unused places is put towards the general running costs of this Not-for-Profit organisation.

How does WDF corporate membership work?

Companies can purchase multiple places at WDF meetings in blocks of 10, 20, 30, 40 or more, to be used by any staff member of any gender across the season in both islands.

Is there a maximum number of staff we can send to a single meeting?

In Guernsey we apply a maximum number from each company at each meeting, depending on the total number of places purchased, as we often reach our 100 capacity. In Jersey no maximum yet applies, this may change if we start to get close to our 150 maximum at the Royal Yacht.

10 place package – max 2 staff members per meeting
15 place package – max 3 staff members per meeting
20 place package –  max 4 staff members per meeting
30 place package –  max 5 staff members per meeting
40 place package –  max 6 staff members per meeting

How do I book a place at a WDF meeting?

WDF circulates a newsletter one month ahead of each meeting advertising the event with a booking link to Eventbrite, with another “last chance to book” email reminder one week ahead of the meeting. Some corporate members elect to have this sent directly to their staff members or choose a central co-ordinator within their offices to organise attendance at the meetings. WDF is happy with either method as we monitor the number of bookings coming from each organisation.

Can Non-Members attend meetings?

WDF members have booking priority at WDF meetings, so only members can book when the first email is sent out. If the venue still has capacity when the second email is sent, then places are released for purchase by Non-Members, these are available at a higher price than membership places.

Do WDF meetings ever sell out and is there a waiting list?

Yes a number of Guernsey meetings have sold out in the past. If a meeting is sold-out and you want to attend, please join the waiting list on Eventbrite, we will send you a notification as and when places become available.

What happens if I can’t come on the day?

Corporate members can send alternates right up to the time of the meeting, it is helpful if we receive an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enable us to prepare a name badge in advance and to ease congestion at the registration table.
Members can cancel their place up to the day before an event. Cancellation on the day or a no-show is counted as a place used.
Non-members may cancel up to one week before an event to receive a credit note for a future event.

How do I renew my membership?

Invoices for WDF membership renewal are sent each year in August based on the number of places purchased the previous season. If a company wishes to change the number of places purchased please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where the invoice will be reissued.

Are there any other benefits to being a WDF member?

WDF members are offered discounted rates on workshops, courses and coaching run by Michelle Johansen, Professional Certified Coach and Founder of WDF. Other providers are also invited to make discounted offers to members periodically.


Thankyou to our sponsors for this season

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